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10 No Bullsh*t Ways You Can Change The World For The Better

A lot of people are disheartened by the current state of the world. Seems like everywhere we turn, we’re overwhelmed by the immense amount of strife and suffering going on around us.

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How to Break Out of Your Social Media Echo Chamber

Platforms like Facebook are designed to profit from humans' confirmation bias. Here's how to restore balance to your feed.

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Multilingualism and Global Citizenship

Why learning a second language is important in nowadays globalised world and for cosmopolitan politics as new generations

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A bridge across the democracy–expertise divide

How to participate in your local civic democracy

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Digital Revolution: How Social Media Shaped the 2019 Hong Kong Protests

How do we protest/start a social movement in the 21st century with new technology and values when facing challenges from authority

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How to Get Involved in Local Politics

How to be engaged in your community issues

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Beyond the goals

The goals are not perfect and there are many issues not included in them. Use this section as a space for further thinking. How can we adapt the SDGs to our society today?

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