Did you know that 4 out of 5 people have said they could be fearless in a situation if they need to be. How about you? Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and help bring change in a positive way? 

The Younited Project is about to revolutionize the way we connect with each other because together we can all grow and make real change. 

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The Younited project is a vibrant digital platform aimed at connecting individuals with community members, non-profit organizations and businesses working in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable development goals. We want to bring people together to converse, learn, create and fulfill action plans to build, protect and save our communities!

Here at Younited, we believe that together we can save the world!


Promote collaboration for the SDGs and highlight the impact of communities in achieving the SDGs

Promote leadership and innovation. Providing organizations with fresh ideas, partners and networks to carry out community initiatives.

Facilitate disaster relief: Enable communities to play a role in their empowerment by providing direct access to various organizations that work to help them.

Promote informed and targeted social actions by providing learning spaces for people that want to make a real change but do not know how.

Bring knowledge of the SDGs to all communities: We want the SDGs to become a priority for the entire world because we can only achieve them if we are united in our actions.

We connect and empower Individuals NGOs Businesses Everyone to fulfill the 17 sustainable development goals



Debates. Discussions. Having important discussions and making your voices and opinions heard in any way we can


Redefining social education through gamification and deeper learning. 

Direct action

With new knowledge and connections, creating direct action plans to solve the world's biggest problems

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